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Belkin / Microsoft

laptop cooling pads


Product Development (patents)

Industrial Design

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Manufacturing (International)

Business Development (licensing agreements & retail channel sales)

Graphic Design


Hotwire endeavored to address one of the inherent shortcomings of laptop design; excessive heat build-up and poor lap-use ergonomics leading to user discomfort and increased system power consumption and battery use.


In the process we created a foundational set of cooling pad/stand patents and forged merchandising relationships with key retailers such as BJ’s Wholesale, CompUSA, Staples and QVC to sell the products.


Ultimately, after validating the market with successful sales of our own branded products, Hotwire struck technology licensing agreements with Belkin & Microsoft.

The cooling and ergonomic products using our intellectual property have increased laptop energy efficiency, reduced the number of battery's entering landfills and recycling centers and improved comfort for millions of users world-wide.

  • CES Design and Engineering Innovations Award

  • Awarded 4 U.S. Patents with multiple additional patents pending

  • Licensing partnerships with Belkin & Microsoft

  • World-wide retail product placement

  • + 1 million unit annual volumes

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