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Beamz Interactive

musical device


Industrial Design

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Manufacturing (International)


The pioneer of “interactive music” products, Beamz Interactive, partnered with Hotwire to design and develop the second generation of their flagship product. By simultaneously increasing the product’s “wow factor” and substantially slashing its manufacturing cost, Hotwire enabled Beamz to secure placement at key national retailers.


Most recently hip-hop legend Flo Rida has joined the scene with Beamz introducing the new Beamz by Flo product line. Beamz by Flo allows people of all ages to experience the fun and excitement of creating interactive music simply by moving their hands through laser beams. Utilizing Beamz Interactive’s proprietary technology, users can create custom remixes of some of today’s most popular songs, then instantly record and share their songs with friends.

  • Increased product appeal and design

  • Reduced manufacturing cost by more than 60%

  • Product repositioning and retail packaging development

  • Product placement with key gift, gadget and music retailers

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