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Beach Bags

Houseboat Water Anchor System


Industrial Design

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Manufacturing (USA)


Market Development


Boaters are unwittingly causing significant damage to geological, archeological and paleological resources as they seek to simply and safely anchor their houseboats on Lake Powell’s sandstone shorelines.


Recognizing an opportunity to protect the lake while also improving the houseboating experience, Hotwire developed Beach Bags - an innovative no-trace anchoring system designed specifically for use at Lake Powell. By combining water, the recreation area’s most abundant natural resource, with a healthy dose of ingenuity, Hotwire is partnering with the National Park Service and the lake’s marinas to preserve Powell for generations to come. 


Launched in 2020, Beach Bags are a patented, high-quality, versatile anchoring system for use on Lake Powell's rock and sand shorelines that meet the National Park Service mission of providing for public use and enjoyment while preserving the area's scientific, historic and scenic features.

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